The Computer Sciences Department of Lagos State University also engages in research works in different fields of study under the Computer Sciences umbrella, thereby making enormous contributuions to the field

These researches are not only restricted to Lecturers as students are also actively involved in terms of Projects and so on. There are also software groups that are saddled with responsibilties of researching and building problem solving software.

1 COMPUTER VISION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS Aribisala B. S. (Leader), Rahman M. A., Enikuomehin O. A., Owate P. O., Aiyeniko O.
2 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Akinnuwesi B. A. (Leader), Enikuomehin O. A., Akerele O. C., Raji-Lawal H. Y.
3 INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS Rahman M. A. (Leader), Akinnuwesi B. A., Akerele O. C., Owate P. O.